To all of our loyal alumni, parents, student-athletes, donors, recruits, and anyone else with a vested interest in the Furman Men’s Golf program, welcome to what we hope will be one more way to follow our program with added depth and insight.

Before we go any further, we want to express our gratitude for the great folks we have working in the Sports Information Department that cover our team on the official school athletic website. Our intention is to add more perspective to what they already do so well for our program.

We hope that this site will accomplish two goals, the first of which is to shine a spotlight on the incredible student-athletes we have currently on our team. These young men have many different backstories, golf swings, favorite sports teams, academic interests, off the course pursuits, and countless other facts worth sharing. Alumni constantly ask us about the current team; we think this platform will be a great way for our followers to match name, face, and story while they follow along on Golfstat.

Of course, we also will have a focus on our tournaments throughout the year and provide more in-depth recap as on-site observers. We hope our thoughts as coaches will shed more light on the college golf experience in general and give a better idea as to the playing conditions for those who cannot make it out to the tournament.

Secondly, we hope that this website will help better connect the Furman Golf program as a whole. The Furman Golf Experience is not limited by the time our players spend on campus as an undergraduate student, but extends into the workplace and family life far beyond graduation. We hope to share the stories of our alumni to better illuminate how their time and effort spent in Purple and White has translated to their life post-Furman.

While Twitter and Facebook are great tools for short updates, we hope this website serves as an avenue for a greater community to develop and grow. Together, as alumni, parents, coaches, friends of the program, and, most importantly, student-athletes, We Are Furman Golf.


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